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  • Stella Brandenberger Transporte AG: Programmming Customer Corner
    complete webbased Accountingsoftware for the transportion business. Includes Reportgeneration and Statistics, Interface to Bookeeping Software through an XML API and Closed user Groups for Customers (2002 – ongoing)
  • Hyperwerk | Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst | Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz: Programming Hypergrade
    Project- and Seminaradministration and ECTS-Points/Grades including Reports for each Module and Gradebooks (2007 - 2008)
  • Swisscom: Programming of the City Guides for Vodafon live! Project lead by BeKo Basel, Ursula Rhein
    Datenbasedesign and webbased Administrationfrontend, XML Output Generation for the Vodafon live! Mobile Service of Swisscom (2004)
  • Oris SA: Programming and Animationdesign of the training section "How a mechanical watch works". (1997)


Projects handled through Cyberlink AG / AG:

  • Fondation Beyeler Programming Creditcardinterface ART Shop
  • ITI Center Programming Creditcardinterface
  • Oldies but Goldies: APS AG, Dominikushaus Riehen, EBM Elektra Birseck Münchenstein, Eternit AG, ERK-BS, Evang. Reformierte Kirche Basel-Stadt, HOBO Hofmann + Boschung AG, IAI Internationales Ausbildungsinstitut, medArtis AG, Medicus Mundi Schweiz / International, Messe Basel, Onco Score AG, Oris SA, Rhenochem AG, RusskiSuvenir, Schweizermeister GmbH, Seven Sisters, Soziale Stellenbörse, Toffolarchitekten, Visplay International GmbH: Support and Troubleshooting Obtree C3 Websites

Teaching / (University) lectureship

Hyperwerk | Academy of Arts and Design | University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (since 1999)
University lecturer Internet Applicationdevelopment: Markup- and Scriptinglanguages (XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript). Content Management, Groupware Applications and dynamic Websites based on Open Source Technologies.

Berufsbildungszentrum (BBZ) Olten - Gestalterische Berufsmaturität - Olten (since 2001)
teacher for Information and communication technologies: Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop, Layout and Typodesign with Adobe InDesign, digital Video and Apple iMovie, Presentation and PowerPoint, Animationdesign and Flash, Introductionary courses Internet, HTML, basic Website-Design and Programming using Dreamweaver

Aprentas (2003)
Trainer for Web related Topics like: XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL

NSH i-School (2003–04)
Teacher/Trainer for WebPublisher / Webmaster SIZ Courses

Obtree Technologies (UK), Inc (2002–03)
Teacher/Trainer for the Obtree C4 Content Management System

T-Systems (Schweiz) AG / Obtree Technologies (Schweiz) AG (2000–2004)
Teacher/Trainer for the Obtree C3 / C4 Content Management System

ATAG debis AG (2000–01)
Teacher for Internet related Topics and the Obtree C3 Content Management Systems.

Dettwiler Systems Center AG (1998–1999)
Teacher/Trainer for Internet related Topics - HTML and Javascript. Trainer of the Intranet BankWeb Publisher for the UBS AG.


AVM AG (1996–98)
Animationdesign and Programming of selected parts of the CD-ROM Janosh Grünbär for Bertelsmann publications.

Expo.01 (2000–01)
Programming of the Top-Level Presentation in charge of Kohli Dill Visual Communication, Zurich.

GABA AG (1998 – ongoing)
Animationdesign and Programming of the elmex Training CD-ROM for Kids and Teens. A Co-Production with Pixelmix Grafik+Screen Design.

GABA AG (1997 – ongoing)
Production, Animationdesign and Programming of the elmex Training CD-ROM. A Co-Production with GGK Basel AG, Pixelmix Grafik+Screen Design, Hubbuch & Partner AG.

HQ Lern- und Informationssysteme AG (1998)
Animationdesign and Programming of the Haftpflicht Web-ROM CBT Application as Protoype for the Basler Insurance Company.

HQ Lern- und Informationssysteme AG (1997)
Animationdesign and Programming of the CBT-Trainingprogram Berufliche Vorsorge KV3 (german and french Version) for Rentenanstalt/Swiss Life.

Hürlimann Immobilien AG (1999)
Mediaintegration and Programming of an interactive POI-Application showing Past and Present of the Hürlimann Brewery Area in Zurich in charge of Kohli Dill Visual Communication, Zurich.

Schweiz. Bankverein (1996–97)
Programming of the CD-ROM "Kassenfälle" for the Trainingcenter of the Swiss Bankcoporation in Basel [connected]

Sommer Alibert (SAI) (1998)
Programming of an interactive Companyprofile in charge of analogue eddie Communicationdesign.

Typopress Zürich AG (1996)
Animationdesign and Programming of the CD-ROM for the international Broker Symposium of the Zürich International (Group) AG.

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